Nostradamus and World War III


' Nostradamus ' was a wonderful personality is our history of the world. Every one of us knows about him, more or less. Then what did he tell about the 3rd world war? Do we know?

Nostradamus was born in Saint Remy of France in 14th Dec of 1503. He was a very talented student in school life. He was expert in different languages ​​like Latin, Hebrew and Greek etc. Not only that. He was a good Doctor and most important thing, was a great Astrologer.

From the very childhood, he was faithful to Christ and had an intuitive power in himself. But his Prediction about future started in his age of 44. Among his predictions, many were of Politicians and of different Countries. Some were about wars and others were important events of the world. He wrote all of his predictions in a typically 4 lines poem called "Century". Century was published in 9 parts. His predictions covered up to more than 1500 years after his death. This is really wonderful and unbelievable! In many cases, he stated the accurate date and year of event. That is why; he is called "The king of Prophets".

Some of his important predictions were: Fall of Napoleon, France revolution, Atom bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Fall of Hitler, Internal war in England, murder of Kennedy brothers, Division of Germany and reunion, Vietnam war, murder of Mahatma Gandhi etc.

Now a future prediction in this millennium: One large fragment, an asteroid, approximately a mile in diameter, will crash into the sea and the result is catastrophic.

Describing about 3rd world war, Nostradamus told that a king of destruction would come in the form of human. Destruction will start by him. Sufferings and blood war will continue up to 27 years. Chemical weapon will be the main use. Nostradamus was almost sure about the destruction of New York. He wrote in (VI-97) "The sky will appear to burn from the 45th parallel and the fire will approach the great city".

According to Nostradamus, people should show tolerance and mercy to others to avoid all these painful events. His view was, finally people will understand their faults and again golden age will come in our earth.


Source by Akshay Kumar