Iran, $ 10 Gas, and World War 3


Iran is taking advantage of the Iraq situation. The US, the largest and most powerful nation in the world, has become bogged down in a war similar to Vietnam. High casualties and we can not stop the insurgents. As stated on CNN – "they come out of now, set bombs and traps, and then disappear. It's a real mess." The situation in Iraq has US ratings on everything from George Bush to the economy at an all time low. Iran is seeing this as the best opportunity to push the limits. The US is already burdened by Iraq and the New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina disaster.

In tonight's speech the President stated that we can not give up on what we have already completed in Iraq. He is right. But with all our CIA, NSA, and reports from legitimate sources that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction hidden in caves in Syria – why do not we go and see? Why did we let the UN investigators go on wild goose chases when the weapons were buried and hidden elsewhere? If Syria is really hiding these chemical and biological weapons are they really our friend? Iran knows where they are and has their own supply to boot. Notice how they waited until the US public opinion on the war in Iraq started to dwindle before starting their uranium enrichment program.

According to the bible and the new bible code revelations this is all spelled out. The actual, tested, codes reveal a chemical supply (anthrax) in the hills of Syria, hidden in caves guarded by Saddam's terrorist buddies. The bible codes along with the bible and backed by some of the most learned and respected rabbi's in the world spell out that Iran will result in 3 words – World War 3! Yes, it will result in ever increasing gas prices, but it will also result in financial collapse. Many people are saying that, finally, after all these years the prophecies spoken about in Revelations have already begun. That's pretty scary.

Regardless, Iran is obviously up to no good and should and will be deal with strictly – unfortunately the UN security council will not do anything until March. I wonder how many nuclear weapons or even dirty nuclear and biological weapons they could create in this time. What I can not see is, regardless of religion, why can not we all just get along and stop killing each other and playing power games?

Iran is a serious threat and will result in higher gas prices and probably cause a recession, whether or not it ends in war. We need to find and fund new energy sources, hybrid technology, etc … As Jimmy Carter said back in the 70's – we need to lower our dependence on foreign oil or it will hurt us. We'll have this what has happened. We as a nation are in debt to our eyesballs, we love big vehicles, etc … We need to start preparing for leaner times. A recession would hit us hard, but war with Iran, while still occupying Iraq, and still paying for Hurricane Katrina rebuilding could actually bring up a depression – experts are now saying it is possible. We are actually in worse shape now than we were in 1929 to face a possible depression. Iran is a serious problem. The experts are in unison on this one – start to conserve.


Source by David Maillie