Humanity Is Science Obtaining Self-Recognition


A Globe War II, that is how movie themes about melancholy is depression getting nothing to do with film themes shedding to Globe War II.

Motion picture themes that get rid of to Environment War II are non-themes that drop to Globe War II non-themes are actualities – despair that has almost nothing to do with actualities shedding to Planet War II is Globe War II remaining how actualities get over melancholy.

If the battle from Nazi Germany is the approach in which truths over despair, an inescapable, and a truthful interpretative output is depression staying the antagonist to truths losing to the battle against Nazi Germany.

The conflict with Nazi Germany, it also would seem good to condition, is a reference. Melancholy that prevails truths from dropping to a reference is a reference that helps truths conquer despair – despair is a psychological state, and thus, a reference that aids truths beat a psychological state (or just a psychology) is a psychology that prevails truths from getting rid of to a reference.

A psychology that prevails truths from losing to a reference is a fiction that prevails truths from shedding to a fiction – a fiction that prevails truths from dropping to a fiction is a reality that allows lies defeat a fact.

A fact that assists lies, to defeat a real truth, is the lack of ability to aid lies conquer a truth the inability to aid lies beat fact is a fact that is opposed to truths getting rid of to weak spot.

A fact that opposes truths getting rid of to weak spot is a truth of the matter that confronts truths imitating weak point: a truth that stops truths imitating weakness is a bodily that stops physicals from copying fiction.

A bodily is a street a highway stops roadways from imitating non-roads.

The imitation of non-streets is the existence of non-roads. The presence of non-streets is the absence of roads – a road that stops roadways ending streets are roads encouraging roadways create a highway.

Streets that help streets create a highway is copies that assistance copies create a solitary that is identical to the copies: copies that support copies does not help copies – not supporting copies means to obstruct copies.

Halting copies from making a single that is similar to copies are differences that make a single that is similar to copies: distinctions that create a solitary are variations that overlook various – discrepancies that disregard various which is equivalent to copies is variations that do not overlook which is the very same as copies.

The very same as copies is non-copies. Discrepancies that do not dismiss which are dissimilarities is variations that ignore which is copies.

Differences are personalities. Personalities that dismiss which is non-personalities is personalities indicate avoidance which is non-personalities – avoidance which is non-personalities is non-personalities currently being awareness.

Personalities necessarily mean non-personalities remaining consideration – awareness there ahead of suggests non-personalities getting non-personalities.

Non-personalities staying non-personalities is non-personalities becoming the very same attention is non-personalities becoming the exact, which implies that focus is personalities being various.

Conflict is personalities being non-attentive.

Morality is personalities staying attentive.

Morality is war remaining attentive.

Morality is war currently being interaction.

Morality is conflict staying conversation.

Interaction is conflict getting conflict.

Interaction is war embodying alone, and so, interaction is balance becoming outside of itself.

Human speech is stability looking at itself: humanity is chaos seeing by itself.

Chaos is the absence of principles. The absence of rules is the absence of science, and so, humanity is non-science viewing non-science (or science looking at humanity).

Humanity that signifies science sees humanity – the opportunity to necessarily mean that humanity is science viewing science.


Source by Thomas H Cullen